The University boasts of excellent educational facilities and resources, namely, well equipped Language lab, Psychology lab, Science labs, Mathematics lab, Computer lab, ICT lab, Audiovisual aids, seminar hall and well stacked library with four reading halls. There are Indoor games and outdoor sports facilities, canteen and prayer room etc. within the campus.


Library is the heart, mind and soul of a University and a fountain head of innovativeness, inspiration and insight for both, the students and the faculty. Learning and library are to each as the light to the lamp. The library is housed in a spacious section of the university building. Library member ship is open to the faculty members and students both. The library has been organized into different sections such as text books section, common reference book section and a periodical publications section in the subject field of Humanities, Science, Social Science, Computer technologies, literature and all other subjects etc. There is an audiovisual room, a computer room where the students can take use of the latest mode of technologies for acquiring Knowledge.



Computer Lab

The university has a well equipped and well managed computer lab. Approximately 100 computers are available with all necessary peripherals. Net connectivity is also available to students. The departments have developed a good rapport with the IT industry and the students can take up their project works in various industries. Various Seminars and workshops are organized regularly to help the faculty and students to update their knowledge about the latest developments.






The university is imparting computer education as a part of the curriculum. This helps the students to keep pace with the changing technology in their Mathematics and Science lessons. It develops their interest in advanced scientific studies. The computer systems are also used to undertake research and data processing. Internet access, availability of latest versions of software for programming, data base management, multimedia applications and printing facilities enhance the learning effect.





Hostel & Mess

There are separate hostels for boys and girls with mess facility for the students. The students are provided with breakfast, lunch, evening tea and dinner. The nutritious and hygienic food quality standard is maintained at the university. Special food is provided at specific timings during fast days for the students of different religions.


namaste technology




A well-equipped auditorium fitted with digital multimedia with film screen facility of 300 capacity is a unique feature of the university where symposiums, workshops, seminars, social and cultural programs can be organized.


There is a good canteen for the day scholar students where there are good facilities for sitting. The eatables are provided at very reasonable prices and in a hygienic way.


The university is equipped with the most up to date equipment and materials in different labs. All our laboratories fulfill the academic requirements of the running courses as per the norms of the respective Councils.

Sports facilities:

Numerous indoor and outdoor sports facilities are available for students. There are two separate, large play  grounds. Sports are regular features. Sports competitions are held regularly. The purpose of sports activities is not only entertainment but also keeping students physically fit.


The university has its own buses which are used for transportation for students, faculty and staff from hostels to city and other places. Students and staff also use the buses for excursion and educational tours.

Lecture Halls:

There are Lecture halls, demonstration rooms located close to laboratories, where group discussion, seminars and tutorials are held involving multimedia presentations.

Medical Facilities:

Health care of students is given priority. The students are subjected to medical checkups. A primary health centre is maintained in the university with essential first aid facilities. There is 350 bedded Dr. K.K.B.M. Subharti Hospital in the campus too.